CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor Review

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If you just had a baby, and they’re now sleeping in their room, for their safety and your peace of mind, a baby monitor is called for.

That said, there are many choices available, and choosing the right one can be a dilemma.

In this article, we will be looking at a great baby monitor – the CasaCam BM200 – which comes with all the needed features and costs a reasonable price.

CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor


The CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor is a reasonably priced, high-quality, simple, and functional baby monitor.

Who is This Product For?

The CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor is designed for anyone who needs a simple yet functional camera baby monitor for their child. It also works great for people who are working on a somewhat limited budget.

What’s Included?

When you buy the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor, you get the camera, the display, the charging stand for the display, and the required cables.

Overview of Features

The CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor is quite a nifty option, and this is true for a variety of reasons.

First off, it’s a convenient baby monitor because it comes with its base included. This way, you can place it on any table, shelf, chair, stand, changing table, or anything in between; simply place it in the best location to get the best view of your baby.

To help you get the best view of your baby, the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor is adjustable in terms of the viewing angle. It can tilt by 110 degrees and pan by 270 degrees, so you should be able to get a great view of your baby no matter what.

You can use the included display to control the camera. The display is a 5 inch HD touchscreen; you can control the camera through touch, plus the display quality is quite high, and there is a zoom function too.

In terms of charging both the display and the camera, they both allow you to plug them in. The best way to charge the camera is via a USB power bank, and the display can be charged using the included charger.

The battery life on both the display and the camera of the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor is quite good, yet another bonus.

Going back to the main features, the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor comes with a night vision mode, so you can see what is going on with your baby, even in the middle of the night. This monitor and camera come with a night light to help soothe your baby to sleep.

On that same note, the camera unit can also play a variety of lullabies, which are programmed into it.

When it comes to soothing your baby to sleep, the two-way audio feature can help you do this as well. You can hear whenever your baby makes noise, and if they are crying or awake, you can talk to them to gently soothe them back to sleep.

If the video is not necessary for you, and if you want to save on batteries too, you can always switch the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor to the audio-only mode.

If you want multiple viewing angles, or you have multiple children to keep an eye on, the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor allows for up to 4 separate cameras to be connected to the display.


Although using this baby monitor is not rocket science, it does still take a bit of getting used to. To help you out, we have included a basic guide on using the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor.


  • Easily fits anywhere
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Easy to charge + good battery life
  • Easy operation
  • High-quality display included
  • Battery-saving mode


  • The touchscreen is quite sensitive
  • The signal range is not great


In case the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor is not your style, for whatever reason, maybe because it doesn’t provide a bird’s eye view of your baby, or maybe because the touchscreen is too sensitive, a good alternative is the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor.

It has a great operational range; it uses your smartphone as a display, and it comes with a floor stand for that bird’s eye view.


The CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor comes with all features a parent could want and need to keep an eye on their baby as it sleeps. It’s not the cheapest model around, but it’s priced decently and comes with a lot of functionality.

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