How to Mount Baby Monitor

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There are hundreds of options for baby monitors and mounting methods, so you can choose the perfect setup for your nursery and your family.

If you are a renter, you may want a baby monitor mount that doesn’t require you to put holes in your walls, or maybe you want a no-tools method of mounting your baby monitor.

Whatever your situation, this article will cover how to mount baby monitor.

Where to Mount a Baby Monitor

The most important consideration is where you will place your baby monitor. Once you know where you want it to go, it’s easier to figure out how to mount it.

When considering where to place your baby monitor, here are the key things to consider:

Field of View

Different baby monitors have different lenses that affect what you can see in the camera. Some have remote functions that let you control the camera so you can zoom, tilt, or aim the camera as necessary.

Whatever type of camera you have, your baby monitor needs to give you a clear, unobstructed view of your baby’s crib. You may also want to be able to monitor more of the nursery or baby’s room, particularly when they get older and start moving around.

Always test by placing the monitor in different places and then looking through the camera to make sure you have the best field of view.

Health and Safety

If your baby monitor has cords or cables, it’s extremely important to keep these cords and cables away from where a baby might reach them because they may pose a hazard to a small child.

If you choose a wireless baby monitor, it emits electromagnetic radiation, like a cellphone, and should be kept at least 6 feet away from your sleeping baby.

Ease of Access

Does your baby monitor need to be near an electrical outlet or cable connection? Do you need to be able to easily reach it to charge it or make adjustments? Do you need to keep it out of reach of kids or pets?

For all these reasons, most parents will mount a baby monitor high on a wall, either placed on a shelf or using a mount that attaches it directly to the wall.

Even though there are crib-mounted baby monitors available, they are not a good idea; babies may play with the monitor, and it may pose a safety hazard.

How to Mount Baby Monitor

How to Mount Baby Monitor

The Fastest Way to Mount a Baby Monitor

The fastest way to mount a monitor is with a small, self-adhesive shelf like these Command Display Ledges. They require no tools and leave no marks on the wall.

You simply peel and stick these kinds of small shelves wherever you want to place them, and easily remove them when you want to move your baby monitor.

With these kinds of shelves and ledges, you can mount a baby monitor in minutes.

The Most Secure Way to Mount a Baby Monitor

The most secure way to mount a baby monitor is with a camera mount that is screwed to the wall. These can be designed for your specific model of baby monitor, or you can choose a universal design like this one from Alertcam.

These kinds of camera mounts are screwed into the wall and have adjustable angles so you can tilt the camera as needed and then secure it in place. They will require drilling and screwing into the wall, but they are more stable and secure than adhesive shelves.

The Most Versatile Way to Mount a Baby Monitor

The most versatile way to mount a baby monitor is with a clip-on stand like this FlexxiCam. This type of monitor mount has a clamp on one end, so you can simply clip them to a shelf or any other furniture in your nursery.

Then use the long, flexible arm to position the camera exactly where you want it.

These are a great option for temporary or travel nursery arrangements, cameras that need to be moved or repositioned often, or for camera monitor setups that can continue to grow with your child over time.

They don’t require any drilling or screwing, and they allow you to place your baby monitor anywhere.


When mounting a baby monitor, the most important considerations are where you will place the camera, and how you will keep it safe for your baby.

Don’t forget to safely manage any cords or cables, and choose the camera setup with a view that works best for your family and your nursery.

There are options for every household and every skill level. Mounting a baby monitor is easier than you think with these great mounting options.

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